New Sinamics G120X converter series specializing in infrastructure applications

• 0.75 to 630 kW power range allows operation with any motor
• Sinamics G120X is digitalization-ready and can be linked directly to the cloud with Sinamics Connect 300
• Stable running under any network conditions thanks to integrated DC link reactor
• New Sinamics converter family series optimized for pump and fan infrastructure applications

Siemens will be presenting a brand new converter series at this year’s SPS IPC Drives. The converters of the new Sinamics G120X series are especially suited for use in pump and fan applications in industries such as water/wastewater, building technology or also in industrial environments.

Siemens extends Digital Enterprise offering with future technologies for Industrie 4.0

• Growing ecosystem surrounding MindSphere
• Integration of artificial intelligence and edge computing into Digital Enterprise portfolio
• Networking concepts from factory floors to corporate offices

By expanding its Digital Enterprise portfolio and integrating future technologies, Siemens is driving forward the digital transformation of the discrete and process industries. “An ever-increasing number of industrial enterprises, particularly SMEs, are well on the way towards Industrie 4.0, and are already improving their competitive standing with digital solutions,” explained Klaus Helmrich, Member of the Management Board of Siemens AG, at the SPS IPC Drives. “This applies to all sectors of industry with rapidly changing market demands in which products have to be manufactured ever more quickly, flexibly and in diminishing quantities. With the further integration of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing into our portfolio, we’re paving the way for the future of industry.”

Siemens supports OPC Foundation Initiative to extend OPC UA, including TSN down to the field level

• Comprehensive support of the OPC Foundation with Profisafe domain know-how for functional safety communication based on OPC UA
• Active support of OPC UA and Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) technology
• Commitment to driving OPC UA with TSN forward within the OPC Foundation
• Profinet based on TSN as mainstream solution at the field level

Siemens welcomes the initiative previously published by the OPC Foundation to further enable OPC UA adoption throughout industrial automation by extending standardization and harmonization activities for OPC UA, including TSN-enabled Ethernet networks at the field level. Siemens, as a founding and board member of the OPC Foundation, is a strong supporter of the OPC UA technology and has been active in core standardization working groups for many years.

Artificial Intelligence for Simatic

• Evaluation of input data such as video, sound or CPU data by means of neural networks
• Efficient implementation of pick-and-place applications or quality checks on the basis of (human) expert knowledge
• Use of machine-learning algorithms in production processes
• New TM NPU module for the S7-1500 and ET 200MP with integral AI-capable chip: Intel Myriad X

Siemens is launching onto the market a new module for the Simatic S7-1500 controller and the ET 200MP I/O system, which has a chip with artificial intelligence (AI) capability: The S7-1500 TM NPU (neural processing unit) is equipped with the Intel Movidius Myriad X Vision processing unit, thus enabling the efficient processing of neural networks. The module gets its function from the provision of a trained neural system on an SD card and is equipped with the USB 3.1 interfaces and a Gigabit Ethernet port.

Sinamics Connect 300 for simple connection of Sinamics LV converters to the IT world

• Analyze MyDrives now available on the latest MindSphere version
• Smart connection panel with LAN link for cloud-based digitalization solutions
• Simple plug-and-play handling, also for use in legacy systems

The new Sinamics Connect 300 from Siemens provides a simple plug-and-play solution for integrating converters of the Sinamics family into the IT world. The new solution is suitable for low-voltage converters and supports cloud-based digitalization solutions. MindSphere applications such as Analyze MyDrives can now be used directly via Sinamics Connect 300.

Siemens extends its positioner portfolio with Sipart PS100

• Sipart PS100 for fast, easy commissioning
• Siemens valve monitoring app with extensive control and analysis options
• Sipart PS2 positioner with improved diagnostics functions

With the Sipart PS100, Siemens is presenting a new positioner that is impressively easy to commission and highly robust. The Sipart PS100 can be initialized quickly at the touch of a button, automatically adjusting itself to the attached valve. If required, it is possible to optimize the positioner for a specific application with just one further touch of a button. Just as some cameras feature portrait, sport or night mode, the positioner can be set to different modes for precise and fast adjustment, open/close operation and other applications. These functionalities save time, cut the costs of commissioning, and increase the return on investment.

Siemens extends RFID portfolio with compact reader for space-saving uses

• "UHF for Industry" algorithms secure operation in environments with poor radio signals
• New Simatic RF615R UHF reader with particularly compact design
• Connection to cloud environments via OPC UA interface and industrial IoT gateway

Siemens is extending its range of Simatic RF600 ultra-high frequency (UHF) devices to include a new RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) reader. The Simatic RF615R comes with a particularly compact design (133 x 155 x 45 millimeters), an internal, circularly polarized antenna and an additional external antenna connection.

Extended output and connected voltage variants for Sinamics S210

• Engineering and commissioning using Sizer and Start Drive, engineering in TIA Portal V15.1
• New shared DC link coupling reduces waste heat during braking and increases traversing cycle of individual axes
• Higher-level control now possible with Simatic ET 200SP CPUs and Open Controllers or Simatic S7-1500 Software Controllers
• First new frame size in 0.4 to one kilowatt output range

Siemens is extending its Sinamics S210 single-axis servo drive system for mid-range applications to include a number of additional output and connected voltage variants. In the first of the new frame sizes, the system is available with an output of 0.4 to one kilowatt with 3 AC 400 volts. The new Sinamics S210 device variants come with an optional busbar trunking system and a shared DC link coupling to enable their international application. The DC link coupling permits energy equalization during dynamic reversing operations by using the integrated braking resistor to reduce waste heat occurring during braking and increasing the traversing cycle of the individual axes. Alongside S7-1500 Advanced Controllers, higher-level control of the new devices is also possible using Simatic ET 200SP CPUs (Central Processing Units) and Open Controllers or Simatic S7-1500 Software Controllers, all of which are connected over time-synchronized Profinet IRT. The drive system can be simply engineered an

New device series paves the way for high frequency RFID cloud connection

• Simatic RF18xC communication modules extend Simatic Ident portfolio
• Modular system integration for Profinet using standard function blocks
• Cloud connection via OPC UA interface and industrial IoT gateway
• Cost efficiency due to differentiated connection variants for readers

Siemens is extending its portfolio of Simatic Ident communication modules. The first devices of the new series to launch are the Simatic RF185C, RF186C and RF188C. Available options allow one, two or four readers to be connected and operated via Ethernet/Profinet, ensuring a match to the required number of readers.

High-performance programming device with rugged hardware for mobile engineering

• Simatic Field PG M6: Ready-to-use, high-performance programming device for mobile engineering with the TIA Portal
• Preinstalled engineering software and integrated automation interfaces
• Light, rugged and completely shielded device for use in machines and plants in a harsh industrial environment
• Equipment and performance graduated in Advanced and Comfort versions

The latest generation of ready-to-use, high-performance programming devices from Siemens has been optimized for engineering with the TIA Portal and designed for mobile use in machines and plants for configuration, commissioning, service, and maintenance. The new Simatic Field PG M6 programming device, with a stylish silver housing cover and M6 inscription, is equipped with a high-speed DDR4 work memory of up to 32 GB and an impact-resistant SSD mass storage device of up to 2 TB. Thanks to the light, rugged and completely shielded magnesium housing, the semi-ruggedized device is suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. Additionally, bumpers on exposed parts of the housing protect against shocks and vibrations.