Flexible KS adapter links Simogear gear units to different servomotors

• Flexible-use adapter for simplified handling
• New Simogear coupling adapter for Simotics servomotors
• KS adapter reduces downtimes, optimizes stock keeping and is suited for high-precision applications

Siemens has launched a new coupling adapter for linking Simogear gear units to Siemens servomotors. As the flexible new solution can connect different gear unit types to different servomotors rather than using a separate dedicated adapter for each motor, the new solution radically simplifies handling.

New version (3.0) of Safety Library improves storage and retrieval system performance

• New Safety Library (3.0) for faster commissioning and compatibility with a wider range of Simatic-S7 controllers
• New Simotics S-1FG1 servo-geared motors in upper and lower output range
• Advanced Position Control (APC) function for faster positioning
• Cut in energy costs by optimized motion control

Siemens has upgraded its TÜV-certified Safety Library developed specifically for use with storage and retrieval systems. The benefits of Safety Library V3.0 for users include faster commissioning and compatibility with a wider range of failsafe Simatic controllers (from S7-1516F).

Industrial Security Appliances with extended functionality for even better network protection

• User-specific firewall for individual protective measures
• Bridge Firewall to protect flat networks
• Configuration now also possible in the new Sinec NMS management software
• Protection of Service Bridge and other applications

Siemens has extended the Scalance SC-600 Industrial Security Appliances to include more functionality for even better and simpler protection of production networks. The devices now have a Bridge Firewall, support redundant network structures, and allow user-specific firewalls. This enables users to increase the availability of their production while also reducing the procurement costs of network components.

New system for managing Industrie 4.0 communication networks

• Central firmware management with topology-based rollout
• Comprehensive monitoring of large, complex networks
• Rule-based configuration of the network infrastructure
• For cross-sector use in all industries

Siemens is launching Sinec NMS, a powerful, future-proof network management system (NMS). It enables users to master the growing demands placed upon industrial communication networks, such as the increasing degree of networking, larger quantities of data, and the complexity of network structures.

Siemens introduces new advancements for the industrialization of additive manufacturing

• Enabling industrial Additive Manufacturing through a digitalized production facility
• Seamless integrated software and automation solutions of the Digital Enterprise for additive manufacturing aimed at machine builders and users
• Extended partnership-based financing services enabling Industrie 4.0 implementation in the field of additive manufacturing
• New integrated AM build process simulation software solution and new automated software and hardware solution for de-powdering part

Siemens will be showcasing its Digital Enterprise portfolio of seamless integrated solutions for additive manufacturing under the banner "Industrialize Additive Manufacturing" at formnext 2018, the lead exhibition for Additive Manufacturing (AM), in Frankfurt, Germany.

Siemens introduces Additive Manufacturing Process Simulation solution to improve 3D printing accuracy

• New additive manufacturing process simulation helps predict distortion and shrinkage during the 3D printing process and helps avoid these issues by automatically generating a compensated model
• Siemens' integrated digital innovation platform allows simulation data to feed the digital thread, informing each step of the industrialized additive manufacturing process
• Simcenter 3D solution for additive manufacturing process simulation is fully integrated within NX software for a streamlined feedback loop with no data translation required

Siemens announced today a new Additive Manufacturing (AM) Process Simulation solution for predicting distortion during 3D printing. The product is fully integrated into Siemens' end-to-end Additive Manufacturing solution, which assists manufacturers in designing and printing useful parts at scale. Building on Siemens' comprehensive digital innovation platform and the Simcenter™ portfolio, the AM Process Simulation solution uses a digital twin to simulate the build process prior to printing, anticipating distortion within the printing process and automatically generating the corrected geometry to compensate for these distortions.

Protecting pumps in hazardous areas easily and reliably against dry running

• Higher levels of system availability and economic efficiency
• Current/voltage detection modules for the Simocode pro motor management system
• Previously required additional sensor technology is eliminated
• New type of active power-based dry running protection for pumps with certification according to ATEX and IEC Ex

Eine neuartige Erkennungstechnologie von Siemens schützt Kreiselpumpen im Ex-Bereich vor Trockenlauf. Dazu hat das Unternehmen spezielle Strom-/Spannungsmessmodule für sein Motormanagement-System Simocode pro entwickelt.

New power supply for a wide variety of applications

• Condition monitoring by means of diagnostics monitor and interface
• New standard power supply for 12 V and 24 V applications
• High overload capability and energy efficiency
• Rugged wide-range input, also suitable for direct voltage

Siemens is bringing a new line of particularly powerful and rugged power supplies to the market: The devices of the Sitop PSU6200 line can be used for a variety of purposes and offer extensive functions for targeted diagnostics, fast assembly and reliable operation.

Entry-level solution for motor management via Profinet

• Motor management system with new Simocode pro V PN GP basic unit, operator control block, and current measuring and multifunction module
• Simple integration of motor management solutions in Profinet networks
• Monitors, protects and controls constant-speed motors with predictive maintenance functions.
• Suitable for direct-on-line, reversing, and star-delta (wye-delta) starters and for controlling soft starters

Siemens has extended the Simocode pro motor management system to include a new basic unit for standard motor applications. Simocode pro V PN GP has a Profinet connection, which facilitates easy entry into Profinet communication. The basic unit is supplemented by a current measuring module. It can be optionally extended by an operator control block and a multifunction module – with additional inputs/outputs, and temperature and ground fault detection. The new compact system for easy, economical motor management is suitable for direct-on-line, reversing, and star-delta (wye-delta) starters as well as for controlling a soft starter.

Siemens develops digital transformation roadmap to Steklarna Hrastnik

• Detailed digitalization roadmap including schedule, technology recommendations and return-on-investment data
• By implementing the roadmap, Steklarna Hrastnik aims to improve its productivity, quality and efficiency

The digital transformation in the glass industry is in full swing. The Digital Enterprise portfolio from Siemens encompasses integrated hardware, software and services for enterprises of all sizes, and allows companies across the glass industry to leverage the benefits of Industrie 4.0 already today. As part of a joint digitalization consulting project, Siemens and Steklarna Hrastnik collaborated to create a detailed strategy for the glass manufacturer's digital transformation over the next five years.