Acoustics and vibrations are becoming more important aspects for the design of each components of complex assemblies, not only for the automotive industry.

NVH (Noising Vibration Harshness) is the study and optimization of noise and vibration phenomena, in order to improve comfort and performance of the overall system.

DACA-I is a leading provider of engineering services related to the analysis and resolution of the issues related to the optimization of the powertrain’s acoustic behavior.

In recent years, the vibro-acoustic comfort has become an increasingly important aspect in the design and development of new vehicles; this, along with the need of the industry to minimize time and engineering costs, creates the ideal scenario for the use of the CAE approach, aiming to study, forecast and solve NVH issues.

  • Prevent to Reaction (Support to Design)

Thanks to NVH CAE you can follow the development of a power unit from its early stage through virtual simulation of its dynamic behavior. This allows not only to provide for any faults and / or failures, but also to advance implementation of changes usually carried out in later stages of the project. The advantage of avoiding lengthy and costly loop for prototyping and experimentation, is clear.

  • Problem Solving (Support to Experimentation)

NVH CAE proves to be a useful instrument even for problem solving. If, during the testing phase, it’s easy to highlight the acoustic anomalies, it is not so easy to identify their origin, because of the complexity of modern powertrains. On the contrary, through virtual simulations you can isolate the behavior of a single component and evaluate its proper functioning.

  • Research and strong involvement in national and European research projects, in order to support a vision beyond the technological horizons.
  • An experienced partner for NVH simulation and development of acoustics testing activities.
  • Know-how transfer to your resident engineers. Complete confidentiality for all your projects.
  • Second opinion by an independent partner.
  • Close partnership with various engineering centers around the world, with in-situ support of highly qualified staff.
  • Project work in close partnership among OEM, DACA-I and sub-suppliers and integration of the project into the OEM’s development process.
  • Custom work packages for each application area.

NVH CAE – Forward-vibrational calculations on the powertrain –

  • Finite Element Modeling of the powertrain-vehicle ensemble,
  • FEM analysis,
  • Evaluation of the natural frequencies and critical modal shapes,
  • Virtual FRF structural and acoustic,
  • Acoustic transmissibility of powertrain components,
  • Forced acoustic analysis of powertrain components,
  • Dynamic analysis of the powertrain using multi-body code,
  • MTP structural optimization from a vibrational/acoustic point of view.


  • NVH ENGINE TESTING (Vibro-acoustic testing of the engine and its components)
  • NVH TRANSMISSION TESTING (Vibro-acoustics testing of transmission and its components)
  • DEDICATED TEAM FOR CARS DATABASE DEVELOPMENT (Database Development, on customer’s request, containing vibro-acoustic evaluations)
  • Test Lab
  • Full Instrumentation