Daca-i operates paying a constant attention to the environment, proving that the combination of ecology and technology is both possible and achievable.

The company aims at innovating while ensuring comfort and usability of the designed product, always respecting the environment, therefore designing and creating products that guarantee the best eco compatibility/performance ratio.

For this reason, our R&D department spends a lot of time in the development of environmentally sustainable systems.

During the last five years, in order to increase its skills / knowledge, the company has entered into the area of research and development, and has taken part in a lot of partnership with big companies, SMEs, universities and Research Centers.

In particular, the company has carried out activities for the innovation of its product / service. Daca-I has often reached the pre-competitive development phase.

This allowed the creation in the company of a strong culture for innovation that reflects in the quality of its projects and activities.